All of Chandler Mill's images are produced from the finest quality archival materials available. We only use 100% cotton rag content stock0 along with the most lightfast of inks. Each image is reproduced from an original oil painting created by the artist who also oversees each step of the printing process. This is done so every image faithfully portrays the artist's intent and color palette of the original work.

The offset lithographs are produced on museum-coated, 100% extra-heavy cotton rag stock. Every image that we produce is a limited edition. Each one is hand signed by the artist on the lower left hand side and also numbered on the lower right hand side. The top number is the registered number of the image itself and the bottom number is the size of that edition. In the initial printing, the edition size is slightly overrun and a few images are hand selected by the artist to be the artist's proofs. When an edition is sold out, no other printings of that image are produced. Each image is also carefully inspected before it is shipped to you.

The giclée limited edition images are individually created on 100% cotton rag heavy stock. Because of the unique and extensive process needed to produce one of these fine art reproductions, the edition sizes are smaller than the limited edition offset lithographs and the giclée artist's proofs are proportionally exclusive. Every one of these images is titled, signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Before shipping, they are also individually inspected for quality.

A remarque is an original pencil drawing that is hand-drawn by the artist on an image that is requested by custom order. Remarques are usually created on the lower right hand side of the image and reflect that print's image. Please allow sufficient time for a remarque to be drawn for you.

If you have any questions about any of our fine art reproductions, please contact us via our contact form.

0 These superb pieces of art are not only known for their elegance in design and their beautiful, rich hues, but also for their technical accuracy. Some scenes are embued with a luminous serenity that seems to transcend time and space; others portray the excitement,majesty and grandeur of yachting history, and keep us in touch with the eternal relationship of humanity to the sea.

Chandler Mill Editions represents that standard of quality that is attainable solely by total commitment to excellence. Our company uses the finest materials to produce our limited edition offset lithographs, our giclées and specialty canvas images. With our experience in fine arts and publishing, we continue to give you only the finest products currently available on the market, at competitive pricing.

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