Biography of the Artist, Michael Keane, 1948-2015
Michael Keane
Michael Keane was a world-renowned marine artist. His works are considered to be pre-eminent in the genre. A fine arts painter for over a half-century, Keane's works have always been eagerly sought after by astute collectors for many years. His work is so admired and loved that rarely does a piece of it ever come up for resale. Production of Keane's work remains limited, because of the time involved in their creation. Year after year, Keane's work holds its value and steadily appreciates. His paintings remain a lynchpin for that elite group of art collectors who continue to eagerly seek his work.

Michael Keane served an eight year apprenticeship with a noted local landscape painter, Edward Harrigan, starting at the ripe old age of 8! From there, he served a four-year apprenticeship with noted marine artist Marshall W. Joyce. Following that, he studied for four years, and then taught, portraiture and figure painting with Clemente Micarelli in his studio. Michael Keane majored in Visual Design at UMass, and afterward taught painting for 17 years. All the while, he continued his own personal fine arts career as a marine artist.

Mr. Keane's fine artwork first achieved national status during the 1980's, when his paintings were 'discovered' by several art collectors. He was soon catapulted into the limelight, and his painting subject and style subsequently became the benchmark for a whole following of marine artists. His work has achieved awards and international fame, and his rare skills have also warranted many feature magazine articles written about Mr. Keane and his work.

Michael Keane was truly a Renaissance man, with many talents and interests. He was a skilled sailor. Michael also had the unique qualifications, depth and technical knowledge that was garnered from serving nearly seven years as a Marine Quality Assurance Inspector, while working alongside the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. He was also a vintage automotive enthusiast, and an historian, designer, builder and gardener. Michael was also proficient in computer graphics use, and personally did all of the pre-press and follow-up work necessary to produce the limited editions of select Michael Keane images. He was a person of quick wit and keen intellect, who kept up on current affairs and always enjoyed life and all that it brought, to the fullest extent possible.. Michael Keane will be sorely missed, but his spirit will live on in his beautiful artwork for centuries to come.

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